Benjamin's Mechanic's Coffee 1972 Raleigh Super Course City Bike Build

My friend Benjamin from Mechanic’s Coffee in Verona, PA wanted his 1972 Raleigh Super Course rebuilt into a functional city commuter so that he can travel easily through Verona where he works. Found on the side of the road and destined for the landfill, Benjamin rescued this gem with dreams of it becoming a useful member of society again instead of being either an old forgotten high end racer or an addition to the tons of trash we fill the earth with every year without regard to its worth.

New chunky Vittoria 27x 1 3/4 tires, new housing and cables, and recycled grips, chain, and classic mountain bike levers brought this Raleigh back into action. Classic Stronglight cranks, Raleigh Pedals, CB Stem and wheel set remain as well as the 1972 Super Course Frame and Fork.

Have Fun Benjamin and enjoy the ride!