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your bike parts are HERE. Let the build begin…


frames, forks, bars, stems, wheels, tires, components, merch,

Customers from around the world are looking for the right part. Sometimes a customer is rebuilding a bike that belongs to a past era they want to recapture. Sometime a customer is upgrading a dearly loved machine. Sometimes a customer just wants to save a little money. At The Whistle Bike Shop we clean, restore, and overhaul thousands and thousands of parts and we do it so that you can regain what you lost or find what you need. We offer great prices, world class customer service and very fast shipping all with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Your parts are here. Let the build begin!


Repairs | Tune Ups | Overhauls | Complete Restoration

$40 Fall Tune-Ups

wheel truing, adjusting the brakes, tune gears, drivetrain lubrication, tighten all bolts, tire inflation, minor adjustments, visual inspection, bearing adjustment, a good cleaning

$75 Fall Overhauls

everything in a whistle bike tune up + deep clean and polish, rust removal (bolts & surfaces), re-greasing all bearings

$90+ for a Whistle Bike Crooked Overhaul

everything in a straight overhaul + correcting difficult problems (negotiated with customer)

helping you find the bike you are searching for…

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BMX, muscle, road, touring, tank, mountain, commute, comfort

We love to find, restore, overhaul, and deliver bikes to our customers here in Pittsburgh, PA and across the world. From grail BMX bikes and department store ten speeds to vintage mountain bikes and classic cruiser with everything in between. At whistle bikes, we take a lot of pride in our work and get a lot of satisfaction in making sure you get the bike you are searching for.


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