1987 Schwinn Predator Free Form Crucial Grape 20 Inch Freestyle BMX Bike Restore

I bought my first lot of BMX bikes from Paul back in the Spring of 2013. Paul is a seasoned picker and continues to come through with great finds. Last week he gave my first dibs on a great lot that included this 1987 Schwinn Freeform Predator. Though it was fully original down to the reflectors and chain guard, a sure sign that it was never really ridden, it had a lot of storage wear including major discoloration to the white components. Restoration of white plastic is super challenging and requires a combination of bleach and peroxide treatment. After a week of letting the discs sit in the sun coated in peroxide, they turned out very nice. The tires on this Schwinn were completely toast and melted as they were being removed. They have been replaced with vintage Duro white snake belly tires that have been bleached and cleaned. This restore took a LOT of time due to the plastic accesories and white components.